Jiayi Li

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PhD Student,
Department of Statistics,
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Pronouns: She/her/hers
E-mail: jiayi.li [@] g.ucla [DOT] edu

About me

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in Statistics at UCLA. I work on statistical machine learning and algebraic statistics with my wonderful advisor Professor Guido Montúfar.

Prior to graduate school, I did a bachelor in Mathematics with 2 years at the University of Hong Kong and 2 years at SUNY Stony Brook. I was fortunate to be advised by Professor Robert Lazarsfeld who introduced me to the miraculous world of classical algebraic geometry.

My first name is pronounced as jyä′ē′.

Here are topics I am now working on and/or hope to explore in the recent future:

  • Feature collapse in terminal phase of training

  • Polynomial neural network: optimization and generalization

  • Implicit bias and benign overfitting



  • Summer Mentored Research Fellowship, UCLA

  • ACM-W Scholarship, Association for Computing Machinery

  • Cathay Bank Scholarship

  • Overseas Research Fellowship, The University of Hong Kong